The Fulfillment Project

072 - Tantra Sex, Ayahuasca & Deeper Spiritual Practices with Bharat Oza

April 8, 2019

Bharat Oza is a client of mine who turned into a great friend, and he joins me today. We talk about tantra sex, orgasms, and how the releasing of hormones can really help with stress and anxiety reduction. Bharat also tells us about his role at B Elite.


Recently, Bharat was in Peru working with a shaman to study sacred plants. He shares what he learned from this experience before introducing exactly what tantra sex entails. He explains why it can not only improve our sex lives, but also our lives in general.


Bharat provides insight on some of the exercises he participated in while attending a tantra sex class. He and I talk about the importance of play and why so many people forget about this in their everyday lives.


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