The Fulfillment Project

066 - What Does Spirituality Have to Do with Business? 4 Key Points to Focus on with Brenda Johnston

February 25, 2019

I’m doing today’s podcast collaboratively with Brenda Johnston who hosts The Limitless Life. We want to talk about how we incorporate spirituality with business and how you can start to utilize that in your business as well.

This is a topic that I’ve been a little resistant to talk about because of the judgement factor. Having Brenda in my life has opened me up more to spirituality and awareness because she practices it with her clients a lot, but even she admits that it’s a bit weird. She says that it’s because of the misconceptions associated with spirituality.

We discuss the light and heavy feelings that our intuition brings us, including the symptoms that Brenda and I have experienced. Myself and my clients are all trying to grow businesses to receive fulfillment in some way, which comes back to spirituality.

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