The Fulfillment Project

061 - Money! How to make it easier, no really, I mean it.

January 9, 2019

Today, I want to go deep with you into a topic that I have learned to love to talk about: money! There have been some awesome shifts and realizations about money that I’ve experienced over the past few months that I want to share with you.

As the high-performing businessperson that you are, I’m sure that having more income is a goal of yours this year. I want to praise you for that because there were so many times when I thought that wanting more money was a bad thing, but it’s actually not.

I hear so many people say things like “I’m not doing it for the money,” but if you tell yourself that, you’re telling yourself a lie. Everyone usually has a financial goal they’d like to hit when they start their business. I’ll tell you the goals I had when I started mine and how the relationship around financial goals can feel like a struggle when they’re really not.

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