The Fulfillment Project

058 - 3 Questions to Ask Yourself as You Close out 2018

December 20, 2018

It’s almost Christmas, and that means we’re almost done another year. Wow! I think it’s so amazing to be able to step back and reflect on what has happened over the past year. That’s the whole point of today’s podcast. I want you to step back, reflect, and even write down all the things that happened this year to you. It’s so incredible to witness your own growth.

Far too often, I believe that we feel stuck, frustrated, and that our life is not where we want it to be because we don’t take that time to step back, be present, and reflect on everything that we’ve accomplished. 

In this episode, I go through what happened in my year and share some lessons with you. Also, I’ll give you some really deep questions that can help you reflect on what happened this year and how you can maximize 2019.

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